Tuesday, 22 September 2015

New approach to curriculum aims at enabling learners to construct knowledge. As we know it is not an easy task. We have to create a conducive physical and mental environment in them for that. In other words we have to create a disequilibrium in the existing schema of the child. As a result of this the child will engage in activities that eventually will lead to the construction of knowledge and there by the mental balance is retained.

    In the learning process the child needs various inputs. Some of them in the form of teaching aids in which digital contents may occupy a decisive role. Digital contents in the form of videos, presentations, pictures, collage, worksheets, animations etc will instill enthusiasm and involvement at a higher level. In some specific cases, where we cannot provide direct experiences, ICT materials are the best alternative.
    But most of our teachers are not competent enough to collect, create and use them effectively. Due to the time constraints several of them are reluctant to explore the unexplored. But at the same time such teachers are ready to utilize ICT materials if they are provided suitably.
    Last year we tried to supply necessary ICT materials for class 10 and 7 namely “SMART@10” and “LASER” respectively in DVD format. Both materials are extensively being used by teacher community.
    This year through a joint venture of DIET Kasaragod and IT@School Kasaragod provisions are extended to realize to ICT support on line and infinite possibilities of blog through “BLEND” with the help of committed and technically skilled teachers. This creative team is joining under the banner of Kasaragod District Education Council to establish yet another landmark in the history of ICT enabled education in kerala.
    The project “TERMS” (E-Resource Management for School Teachers) aims at providing ICT contents for each subject class wise. The materials are either created by our team or made available from other sources. We expect that teachers will access, analyse, download and properly use them. We are trying to arrange them all sequentially so that teachers can use them effectively. Through various additional links they can access digital TB and TT , evaluation tools, sample teaching manuals and other supporting materials. Links to useful websites and edublogs are also made available. 
    Anyone who is capable of developing suitable materials of any type may collaborate with us by sending the resources. Information of any sort, which will be helpful, may also be intimated via mail. We have separate blog teams for each subject. They will verify them and add selected items with dew credits. Your valuable suggestions and comments are highly solicited. 
    We proudly present before the teaching fraternity, our humble initiative emerged out of the collective effort of a highly committed team of teachers and Educational Officers in Kasaragod District.